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1171 Gorham Street, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8Y2 Canada
Tel: 905.830.5550 Fax: 905.830.5507
Toll Free: (800) 932.6210 Toll Free Fax: (800) 903.7294

4846 Jennings Lane, Louisville, Kentucky, 40218, USA
Tel: 1.800.932.6210 Fax: 1.800.903.7294


Maurizio (Maurice) Lattanzio

Extension 122 President


Gordon McCarthy

Extension 121 Vice-President
Sales & Marketing


Adam Lattanzio

Extension 125 Vice-President


Andrew Lattanzio

Extension 132 Vice-President


Del Haskell

Extension 131 Air Conditioning Product Co-ordinator


Mary Scheepers

Extension 101 Customer Service


Reza Sobhani

Extension 140 Custom Air Handling Unit Application Designer